I’m a passionate speaker with end-to-end event experience. 

Expect a lot of spunk and no late slides.

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ditch self-improvement myths to define your own growth path

We all want to grow. But how can we design our own path? These three things might surprise you.



Having Elizabeth speak at Found Conference, which has more than 20 speakers each time, was such a pleasure. Elizabeth brought three important things to her role as presenter:

1. She had an amazing attitude. I put this first because it’s so important in managing an event and all of the issues that inevitably arise.

2. Her presentation was spot-on for the audience and got tons of engagement and questions. That’s exactly what we want!

3. She has a great presence, her demeanor and pace were perfect.

We’d always welcome Elizabeth back!

– Erin Robbins Acheson, President & COO, DemandSphere

events & Conferences

With experience in event planning and promotion, I know what it’s like crafting an impactful agenda and designing the perfect day (or three).

Event success relies on speaker quality, but it’s hard to know who will bring it.

As a marketer-turned-speaker, I present ideas using content marketing staples: storytelling, structure, and concrete use cases. 

Regardless of event size or session format, I prioritize what matters most: your audience

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