As I’ve been watching more webinars (I bet you have too), I’ve noticed they all start the same way. The content and speakers and platforms are all different, but they never skip this one thing.

It’s a customized version of this: put away your phone, close your other tabs, and be present here.

Because if you signed up to be there, you need to really be there. It’s easy to get distracted whether you’re watching a webinar or listening to a podcast.

I bet you’ve experienced at least one of these things (I know I have):

  • Logged onto a webinar, got sucked into email, and missed the whole thing
  • Put on an audiobook while cleaning and realized you don’t remember the last chapter
  • Grabbed your phone to scroll Instagram only to become the annoying person asking obvious questions about the movie

As we’ve turned even more digital, here’s the question that keeps coming to mind for me:

Is it worth my full attention?

Not everything is, of course. And it’s individual to us all. For you, Housewives isn’t worth full attention. (Though I know some people who would say the exact the opposite…)

The next time you start to mentally wander, think of this. If it was worth it in the first place, give it 100%. And if not, skip it without guilt or hesitation. I’m pretty sure you’ll survive without that “life-changing” webinar after all.

To being better without giving up your favorite trash tv,