Whether you’re struggling to adjust wedding plans or just want to know when you’ll get to visit family again, the whole “endless uncertainty” thing has left us all with a lot of questions. 

As someone who fills the calendar a month in advance, I totally feel you.

While I love a good plan, uncertainty is the red wine to its white romper.

Here’s one question that’s helped me: Would you have picked it?

Think of a positive transition or change in your life. Maybe a move or job or new love interest. Did everything happen the way you planned? And if you had gotten to choose, would you have picked it?

I clearly got over the LA thing.

When I was making the move from San Diego to LA, I was NOT having it. LA was like San Diego except for more traffic and people and money. No thanks.

But shocker: I came to love LA. So much so that I didn’t want to leave… But man, I would NEVER have picked it.

How about you?

Probably only a few of your transitions went as planned. There might be a couple examples that you wouldn’t have even picked either. 

Reminding myself of this helps me to lessen up my planner grip juuust a bit to be more open to the changes happening now. I wouldn’t have picked all the things that got me here, but I’m glad it’s where I am.

The next time you’re fighting a transition or struggling with uncertainty, use this question. View it as proof of how you’ve survived, and hopefully even thrived, through unplanned change. 

No, you might not have picked it. But it can still be great.


To being better without a perfect five-year plan,