Do you ever catch yourself being judgmental?

I’m gonna say it: I’m judgy.

You could say I have a critical eye, but whether it’s a webinar that needed better audio or a restaurant that could use a touch more lighting, I have an opinion and ahem, “opportunity for improvement.”

I believe it’s rooted in my need for improvement and I’ve struggled with it for a long time.

If you can relate, I’m sure you’ve asked this question too: how do I stop?

In an attempt to reconcile a genuine desire to be better with my tendency to judge both myself and others, I’ve gone looking for concrete advice. A tip, a hack, a process, a book, SOMETHING.

While acknowledging my own tendency to judge has been a good first step, I’ve found one concrete tactic that has helped me more than all the rest put together.


Create something.

Yes, “word art” counts.

Simple advice is rarely easy, and this is no exception.

Creating has been the single best thing I have done to fight my tendency to be judgmental.

Even as someone who identifies as being “creative,” it’s still so scary to hit publish or send or post.

It’s almost like magic though–the more I create the more empathy I have for others.

Part of the magic is that I identify with creators. Through creating, I’m constantly reminding myself of the courage it takes to make anything and share it publicly.

What can you create?

It doesn’t have to be an elaborate project or even something typically labeled as a creative pursuit. Whether you’re sharing your art on social media, making a Spotify playlist, or writing a piece of code, you’re creating.

Right now, what comes to mind? Pick something (anything!) and when you have a chance to create and share it, DO.

You might find the next time you would normally bring out the judgment, you don’t have so much to say.

To being better without becoming Judgy McJudgerson,