Confession: I hate salads.

As someone who lived in LA for five years, this is sacrilege. I might as well say I don’t like puppies and see myself out.

Beautiful and tasteless.

I tried to like them. But after countless toppings and greens, I was still left wondering if this was an example of things people claim to like even though they are objectively terrible, like dad shoes.

However, I am told some people like salads (bless you).

But you know what? I love veggies. I love them roasted and steamed and sauteed and wilted. Just not in salad form–and that’s fine.

I could have saved a lot of angst (and salad dressing) if instead of being blinded by what I was supposed to do, I just asked, why?

My “why” was to be healthy and get in lots of vegetables. Looking at it plainly, I could see salads weren’t the solution.

Question for You: What habits are you holding onto because you “should?”

Is there a food or exercise or TV show or trend you continually try? Everyone loves it but you just can’t get there.

The Follow Up: Why am I trying to do this? Is it worth it to keep trying?

It takes hard work to get through challenges but forcing a habit because you think it’s healthy/wise/”good” is counterproductive.

Don’t waste any more of your energy or craisins. The next time you go to give it “one more try” or think “maybe this time it will work,” ask yourself why.

If you have a good answer, keep at it. And if not, let it go.


To being better without leafy greens,