I was all set to hit “purchase” when something stopped me.

It had taken me all of two minutes to go from bright, colorful tv commercial to shopping cart. 

The ad for Olly sleep vitamins, slipped between episodes of my new favorite show House in a Hurry (it’s like House Hunters on steroids–highly recommend) promised better sleep, and as any sleep tracker I’ve tried has immediately confirmed, I could sleep better. 

But right before I finalized my order, I was struck by one thought. Is this what I really need?

You’ve likely seen the articles, videos, books, and more on how to sleep better. Of all the tips, I don’t remember candy-flavored gummies on the list…

I was ready to try a new fix before addressing the real issue.

Limiting time on my phone, keeping a consistent bedtime schedule, not watching TV right before bed–these are the solutions I bypassed.

You probably do this too. When we’re presently with an “easier” answer to our problems, it’s tempting to use it. We think a new organizer will fix the junk drawer when we really need to get rid of stuff.

The danger is that you may pass over a genuine solution while you’re preoccupied with your short-term answer. 

I was ready to pay money and add another product to my life just so I could avoid the tough but necessary solution to my problem. All so I could still watch House in a Hurry before bed.

And yes, some fixes are helpful in their own right. But you can’t let them get in your way. They’re tempting turnoffs on the road to what you want.

To being better without an “as seen on tv” answer,