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Disappointment = Expectations – ??

“It’s delicious!” I said. “Eh,” replied my boyfriend’s dad.  He had made one of the best farro dishes I’ve ever had–but he wasn’t satisfied with it....

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I Immediately Regretted It

While we all know that comparison is the thief of joy, you might be subconsciously encouraging this happiness bandit, and I don’t just mean...

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Did I Get This Wrong?

Last week I shared decision-making tricks to improve your ability to follow through on what you say you want to do. I’ve used them all myself and...

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Fake It Till You Make It (Barf)

When I was earlier in my career at a digital marketing agency, I heard my senior coworkers repeat one piece of advice almost daily.  I bet you’ve...

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What Makes a Bad Sacrifice?

The story of Swami Rama, a master yogi and breathing expert, is the kind that immediately has you asking, really? The most outlandish claim I heard...

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Fluffy Gray Cat Syndrome

Have you ever had a “simple” decision turn into an extended hunt for the perfect car/book/apartment/vacation/etc.? I had this happen when I was...

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