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Want to give up? Read this

“We should just leave.” I was standing in the most beautiful house. The wood floors were newly redone. The kitchen was open with a custom copper...

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A lesson from M&M’s

If I asked about your favorite candy, what would you say? Snickers? Twix? Maybe Sour Patch Kids or Starburst? I bet you wouldn’t say M&M’s.  I...

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I couldn’t stop digging

The other day I was digging around in my bag for a pen with no luck. The bag was pretty full, so I would scrounge around and pull out an object. I...

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3 Rules to Take Better Breaks

I took one look at my watch and I burst into tears.  It was 2am and I had just woken up in bed. No, I wasn’t crying about a disaster. There was no...

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Are you hoarding joy?

When I was a kid, one of my favorite presents was bath and body products. You know, the kind of stuff with a name like Sunkissed Summer Grapefruit...

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The case for rethinking

As long as I can remember, the color green was synonymous with “yuck.” I’d be out shopping for school clothes with my mom, hold up a green shirt and...

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I had to get a better look…

I was on my daily walk when I spotted them. They were showstoppers. I immediately crossed the street to get a better look. What stopped me in my...

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