Two questions for you:

What was your last mistake or screw-up?

What was your last accomplishment or moment of pride?

While I’m interested in the answers, I’m more interested in how fast you answer each question.

Did you have a misstep right on the tip of your tongue? Or did you roll through a number of examples and think “you want just one?”

I immediately think of a recent video call where I did a double finger gun gesture. 🙈

Much cuter coming from Jake.

And for accomplishments? Give me a minute…

We are often quick to recognize our mistakes and slow to see our triumphs.

I have a solution that feels a little dorky, but it’s a private thing, so you only have to feel like a dork to yourself. Which is already how I live my life.

Create an Evidence Folder.

In your Evidence Folder, write down any and all of your accomplishments–personal or professional, big or small, serious or silly. Make this part of your regular journaling or ongoing reflection.

You can use a physical notebook, note-taking app, Google doc, or stealthily-named Excel sheet.

Just two requirements: 1) it is a dedicated space and 2) it is extremely accessible. If you love cute notebooks but never get them out, it’s better to use a bare-bones Notes doc and be consistent.

The key is creating a specific place for recording your wins.

Our memories are deceiving. We get so focused on our flaws and looking forward that we forget how much we’ve achieved.

As you add to your list, you’ll create an impactful source for positive reflection. Use it as your personal pep talk, especially when you’re battling imposter syndrome or confidence challenges. Remind yourself, yeah, I did that.

I believe we are all on a lifelong journey of self-improvement–it’s the roller coaster we stay on ‘til the very end.

But I know that you have already overcome challenges and accomplished so much. Make sure to remember it.


To being better without being afraid to show it,