The other day I walked by some of the most beautiful daisies in a neighbor’s garden. Standing tall like nature’s lollipops, they were purple, orange, and a hot pink that almost looked fake.

I snapped a pic and went on my way.

Later that day, I decided to change my phone wallpaper to the photo of the daisies. 

I’ve had the same blue background for the last five years, so this was a high honor.

I looked at my screen and smiled.

But then I stopped.

You see, when I opened my phone and saw my various apps against the new background, I didn’t like it. Certain icons didn’t pop the same way. I immediately thought I should change it back to what it was previously. 

I was overreacting to change.

I used to say I hated change, but to reframe it to be more positive, I call myself “change-resistant.” Which means I hate change. 

Whether big or small, we all need to make changes in our lives. And of course, a lot of change is thrust upon us. 

But we often hesitate. We take one step forward and say no thanks before we even get going.

A couple of days later, I thought about my background again. But this time it wasn’t about the change. I realized that I wasn’t even thinking about it anymore, I was just using the apps like I normally do without a second thought. 

When you make a change, it’s natural to feel the resistance. But give yourself a beat. You might like the result.

To being better without hating the new Campbell’s soup label,