I hate following up.

Even if it’s in a work setting where the other party is obligated by a weekly paycheck to come through on that meeting request (I see you aloof guy in sales), I can’t stand the idea that I’m nagging, especially as a woman. Then again, would we assign that verb to anyone else…🤔

Someone stop me, please.

I’ll say “sorry for bothering!” or “hate to ask” or “don’t mean to 🐛” which is a particularly self-demeaning option, if I must say so myself.

Inwardly, things can get a little self-righteous. Why am I following up–it’s your responsibility, not mine!

But the problem is mine.

Following up feels undeniably negative to me… but in reality, it’s neutral. Just another task on the to-do list.

I wouldn’t feel bad about sending a report that my boss needs every week, why would I feel bad about this?

I’m assuming resentment on the other end and getting upset accordingly. We can get caught up in feelings when it could be helpful to say hey, is this negative or is this me?

You’re always allowed to feel your feelings. But you’re also allowed to question whether they’re serving you and why.

To being better without ever saying “per my last email,”