The Michael Jordan docuseries “The Last Dance,” showed how much Jordan was motivated by proving people wrong. It fueled him to the point that he literally made up trash-talk from the other side.


Proving someone wrong can be a powerful tool for success. IF we use it right.

So how do you know? Ask this:

Who am I proving wrong and is this pursuit getting me closer to where I want to be?

We can get caught up in proving “them” wrong, forgetting to clarify who “they” are and why it matters–for us.

Your “they” might well be someone who will never know or see your accomplishments or even care. Why spend any of your precious time and energy on them??

And even if you do want to show them up, is your pursuit in service of yourself and your true goals?

It’s hard to catch ourselves in it, easy to get lost in the game.

But if you’re someone who’s motivated by going beyond expectations, you need to check.


To being better without ever saying “look at me now,”