I have to tell you about this terribly annoying thing my cat Pico does.

Yes, the one that ran into the coffee table. (No, still not the same…)

Every day, when it’s time to eat, he pulls his perfectly good food out of his bowl.

Every day, I’m annoyed that there’s dried cat food on my floor. Even with a placemat the size of Alaska, he still gets it everywhere. 

Then the other day, I learned something new. 

Many cats suffer from a condition called whisker fatigue. A cat’s whiskers are extremely sensitive, and when a cat gets too much whisker stimulation, it can get stressed. One of the obvious signs is taking food out of the bowl to avoid hitting whiskers on the side of the dish.


This entire time, I thought my cat was a jerk.

I had a story in my head and decided it was fact.

Of course, you can’t anticipate every rare kitty condition. 

But you do have to see your own stories for what they are: stories. 

To being better without blaming the cat,