Yesterday, I spoke to sticking with what you’ve already got started, but what if you haven’t started yet? Let’s go there.

I’ve been a fan of business expert and best-selling author Marie Forleo for years, but I’ll admit, I never believed her. At least not fully.

More specifically, I questioned her tagline “the world needs that special gift that only you have.”

It’s a nice sentiment, but that’s where I’d leave it–in the “well-intentioned, but not useful” category along with Christmas gifts from your great aunt. (Who needs a pineapple cutter?)

Something recently changed my mind. 

I was playing a game of cards when I heard this fun fact:

No one has or ever will shuffle a deck of cards the same way as you.

Put another way, the chance that any two people in history have shuffled a deck of cards in the exact same order or will do so in the future is infinitesimally small.


I remember something about factorials being big numbers, but no two in history? (The math comes out to be 8 with 67 ‘0’s after it, for those interested.)

This weirdly excited me. 

Every time you deal, you make history. 

It also put something into perspective. 

We disbelieve our uniqueness. 

We focus on the standard bits (a deck of cards) instead of the combinations (see above).  

The possibilities are, and I mean this scientifically, endless.

We tell ourselves that everything has been done before. Or all the good ideas are taken and already sold to Shark Tank

But no one has done things just like you, nor will they in the rest of history.

Whatever you have to offer is without question unique enough. 

For me, it took the physical embodiment of a deck of cards to make this idea tangible. But it’s persuaded a realistic like me that you do have a special gift and yes, the world really could use it.

Only you can determine if you’re ready or if it’s “good enough,” but whatever you want to create, uniqueness is guaranteed. And that uniqueness is what makes it helpful for exactly who needs it.

To being better without embodying a catchphrase,