The other day I was digging around in my bag for a pen with no luck.

The bag was pretty full, so I would scrounge around and pull out an object.

I came up with two lipsticks, a granola bar, sunglasses, and a bad pen (we all know there are good pens and bad pens–I wasn’t settling).

The further I got in my task, the more resolute I became. I needed that pen!

And yet… I didn’t want to empty my bag.

Taking everything out felt unnecessary, even a waste of time. The more I kept digging, the more stubborn I became…

Sometimes we avoid the obvious answers.

I had a problem and a clear solution, but I was fixated on doing it my way. I’ll show you, bag! 

But I was only wasting my own time. 

The bag is a simple example, but you (and I) probably do this in other, more important areas as well.

When we remove our own stubbornness, it’s a lot easier to find what we need.

To being better without digging in your heels (or your bag),

P.S. At least there was no trail mix this time.