Is there anything more tempting than canceling a weeknight plan? 

It was a Wednesday night, and I beat both LA traffic and the temptation to cancel to make it to a training session.

Two things got me there: the session was free and I loved the topic. 

An impressive number of people also nixed Netflix for the night.

Our speaker came out, greeted the crowd, and…

It was terrible. 

The session had the structure of a muumuu. It circled around the speaker’s personal story and ah yes, his new book.

It was like listening to someone improv an autobiography. 

I was ready to make a quick exit until I realized one thing.

When I wasn’t checking my watch, I was thinking, geez, I could do this

At the time, I had done some presenting and wanted to do more. But speaking felt like a far-off goal. Something for “later.”

That session was a motivation overhaul. 

Right there in front of me, I saw the need. 

Clearly there were people who cared–the room was packed. 

And it was obvious the session was more “off the cuff” than your drunk uncle’s speech at your cousin’s wedding. 

We fall victim to thinking “everything’s been done before” or “all the good ideas are taken.” I’ve said it myself.

This moment gave me the exact opposite feeling. 

If someone’s missing the mark, there’s an opportunity. 

Where in your life do you feel like a product or service is lacking? When have you watched and thought, I could do that

This session turned my I could do that into I can do this.

With dedicated time and effort, you can be that better version or more perfect fit. 

I’ll say, it’s possible someone else found the session enlightening. The casual style and endless stories could have felt authentic. Totally possible.

But it showed me that at the very least, there’s room for more.


To being better without signing up for every free training,