Have you ever created something and after all the work, time, and effort you thought, meh?

This happened to me just the other day. I was writing a new blog post that I didn’t love. It was like getting a new pair of plain black socks. Solid choice, but meh.

I believe in grit and tenacity and the idea that “done is better than perfect.” Working from that mindset and wanting to hit my goal of posting more frequently, I edited the piece and said “done.”

The next day, I came back to my computer and was surprised to see that the lackluster post never got published.


The post was definitely SUPPOSED to be published.

It was as if my subconscious felt my ambivalence and interceded. Maybe meh wasn’t good enough after all.

Now, do I believe that my mind prevented me from posting in the ultimate woo-woo sense? No.

But do I think my hesitant attitude influenced my (lack of) follow through? Yeah, I think it might.

Finding the Balance Between Quantity and Quality In Everyday Life

I see that unpublished blog as a reminder: yes, you need to be consistent and stay gritty, but you also shouldn’t compromise to get there. It’s not the sheer doing, it’s the doing well, repeatedly.

No matter what you’re creating, I bet you’ve had moments like this along the way too.

We have to find that balance between letting go of perfectionism and maintaining a level of quality that makes us proud.

Sometimes, it might be necessary to just get it out there.

But if you have that meh feeling in your belly, listen to it. Growing is about more than reps. If your reps don’t have intention, they won’t do you any good anyway.

And hey, now you know I only publish my best stuff–my mind won’t have it any other way.


To being better without cranking out crap for crap’s sake,