Was it another lifetime when we were happily watching CHEER on Netflix??

Sadly, no. The docuseries following the drama of a college cheerleading team aired in January.

With heart-wrenching backstories, high-flying stunts, and excellent production, they somehow convinced us that the winningest team in college cheerleading was an underdog story. I loved it from the start and happily binged the series in a weekend.

If there was a star among CHEER stars, it was Jerry Harris.

His unbeatable level of enthusiasm and endless compliments made “mat talk” a well-known phrase overnight. (For the unfamiliar, it’s when cheerleaders cheer for each other during a routine. I know, so meta.)

We could all use a little more enthusiasm right now. Did I mention you look great today?

My own need for encouragement has made me think of my real-life Jerry’s. While they don’t tell me to stick it or yell (that much), they support me during critical moments.

When you’re trying to stretch yourself or feeling unsure, sometimes all you need is a nudge or “get it girl!” to believe in yourself.

Question for you: Who can you count on to always build you up and support you?

Identifying your personal Jerry’s is helpful for two reasons:

1. Know who they are so you can use them. The next time you’re waffling on an idea that goes outside your comfort zone, go straight to personal cheering squad. It’s okay to need the nudge.

2. Give your supporters some love! Tell them how much you appreciate them. These people are givers, and they need to be filled up too.

Not sure if you have even one Jerry? Start thinking about the people who already support you. You don’t need to be close friends, it could be a coworker who encourages your wild ideas or an aunt who thinks you’re a genius no matter what.

Next, be a Jerry for someone else! The best way to get more supporters is to be one yourself.

We all need encouragement–no shame. But when you feel that hesitation or fear, know where to turn.

One final offer: if you need some mat talk, I’m here! While I’m no cheerleader, I promise endless enthusiasm and lavish compliments.


To being better without Beyoncé-level confidence,