When I was a kid, one of my favorite presents was bath and body products. You know, the kind of stuff with a name like Sunkissed Summer Grapefruit that smells like a cross between an entire fruit basket and a fresh bottle of Pine-Sol. 

It’s an easy gift, and I often got sets for birthdays and holidays.

But I never used the stuff…

I would stow it in a dresser drawer, waiting for the perfect moment to douse myself, always afraid I’d use it up too fast. 

Instead, I barely used it at all.

I find myself doing the same thing now–holding onto something instead of enjoying it. I don’t want to waste the “good candle” on just any night. Hey, those double wicks get expensive!

What’s the point of having something without enjoying it?

If you’re like me, you frame certain things as “indulgences” that are too nice to use. But in doing so, you prevent yourself from enjoying those things at all. And who decides what a treat is, anyway?

Life’s too short to hoard joy. 

It’s sad to think of keeping the good things bottled up–figuratively or literally.

So go on, light the fancy candle and break out the good cheese. You deserve it. 

To being better without saving the good bottle of wine,