Hi! I’m Elizabeth.

I’m a self-help junkie and candid writer who’s trying to figure it all out just like you.

Man, I love this crap. 

Since you’re here, I bet you do too.

You always want to be better. 

You want to show up for your family, laugh a lot, feel more joy, get the promotion, and achieve your dreams.

And let’s be real, have a home straight out of Apartment Therapy and look rap music video-level bangin’ while you’re at it.

You buy (and read!) the books, listen to the podcasts, and complete the courses. 

They promise tips and tricks and transformations.

But somehow, what’s supposed to be “self-help” starts to feel like a drain.

You feel more pressure to be perfect and get in all those tips and tricks. You start wondering how all of your favorite wellness influencers have suspiciously flawless skin. Is it really all the green juice??

I get it. 

I approach personal growth from reality. As in, I still fall asleep to The Office once a week, reality. 

Here you’ll find ideas on being better about the size of a single cherry tomato. I call them chickpeas of perspective. Or you can think of them as oysters of observation. Or perhaps “blog” is a fine term and I should just eat. Regardless, sign up for my emails and get insight on the daily.

I create the resources I wish I had and the ones I still need.

I speak on my favorite topic as much as possible, and since my family gets a little tired of it, I connect with audiences on stage or virtually. You can learn more about my speaking.

But I come from a strictly “take what you want, leave the rest” perspective. You do you boo boo!

So you see, I really love this crap. Did I mention I once gave everyone in the family a hand-picked self-help book for Christmas? I know, I’m the best.


To being better without being someone you want to punch in the face,


Not just tips and tricks

I write about life’s daily challenges and my personal lessons (there’s an endless supply).

You’ll get frameworks and questions to help you to learn about you and resources you can use to grow.