From Me, Elizabeth.

What does it mean to be better?

I believe you can live intentionally without meditating 2 hours a day or spending $5k on a silent retreat.

But with all the advice, tips, and tricks out there, it doesn’t always seem like it.

I love personal growth–but I take a real approach.

It doesn’t matter whether you call it self-improvement, personal development, or something in between.

We’re all just trying to be better.


Being better relies on knowing yourself better.

Easy, like assembling that new tent…

I write about the ways in which I’ve learned about myself in in the hopes that they might help you too.


I love sharing the lessons and strategies that have helped me.

And with experience in event planning and promotion, I know what it feels like to be invested in its success.

Let me help make your event or conference even better.

Looking for my content marketing work? See my portfolio.

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